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Add New Person eDoc

The Add New Person electronic document (eDoc) is used in the hiring process to create or “add” a new person to HRMS (HR database). 

All non-US citizen or permanent resident hires require special processing through the Office of International Services.  Refer to the Add New Person - International section of this manual.

Business Process Overview:


  • There is a defined approved vacant position.
  • Recruitment steps have been completed and the department has an accepted offer.
  • The department verifies the individual is not already in HRMS (former student or employee) through the “User” Inquiry. 
  • The department initiates/submits an Add New Person eDoc.

Human Resources/Final Approver:

  • The Add New Person eDoc routes to Human Resources/Faculty Affairs for approval.
  • The Central Office verifies through Search/Match that the individual does not exist in HRMS.
  • The Central Office final approves and completes the save in HRMS.
  • An Acknowledgment is routed to the initiator with the assigned Employee ID for processing the Hire eDoc.


Add New Person eDoc Process


Initial Information:

Biodemo data for the first screen shot.
  1. Complete all of the required fields (*) using the lookups magnifying glassas needed.
  2. The effective date of the Add New Person eDoc is always the date it is entered.
  3. Leave the Enter I-9 Info checkbox blank

Note:  The Form I-9 and E-Verify process must be completed in the HireRight system within three day of employment!  See the Employment Eligibility Verification pages on the UHRS website for additional information: Employment Eligibility Verification

  1. Click on the continue button. If you discover you have made a data entry error in an editable field of a previous section, click return to go back to that section and make your correction.



  1. Enter the Biographic/Demographic Information making sure to complete the required (*) fields.  
image of add new person document


  1. You can enter an optional note in the eDOC. Enter the text and then select add.  The date/time stamp and author will automatically populate.
  2. image
  1. You can also enter an optional attachment/s along with the text description and then select "add".


  • Once the data entry is complete, click submit button
  • The eDoc will refresh and a note displayed at the top advising the document has been submitted successfully.  Click close button
screen shot
  • If at any time during the document you need to cancel the document, click cancel button.  Once cancelled an eDoc is not available for routing.  A new eDoc will be necessary to complete the transaction.
  • For an overview of routing, select Electronic Routing Overview.
  • Once the document is routed, you can perform a Document Search to see where the eDoc is currently in the routing process.
  • After the document has been approved and final saved by Human Resources/Faculty Affairs, you will receive an Acknowledgement in your Action List.  This indicates the record has been saved and you are now able to initiate the Hire Employee eDoc.  Click on the Doc Id number and the following screen appears.  NOTE: The employee ID is listed on this document for use in the Hire eDoc.
screen shot
  • You can click on the Log and the following screen appears.  It shows you the routing scheme of the document.
screen shot
  •  Click on the Doc Id number and the following screen appears.  NOTE: The employee ID is listed on this document for use in the Hire eDoc.
screen shot
  • Click Acknowledge to remove this item from your action list.  Once acknowledged, click Close.  You are now ready to initiate the Hire Employee eDOC.




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20 October 2011

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